Brief Introductory Statement of Briefness

Good Morning! (Or evening, or night, or solstice, or really whatever works for you)

Welcome to Ready, Prep, Game! This is just a brief introduction to myself as a DM and tabletop gamer; basically, it’s just a way to familiarize the reader with one of the contributors to our site.

So, here goes: Hey there, I’m Ron. I’ve been doing this whole RPG thing for about two and a half decades. Started Dungeons and Dragons on Second Edition in my mom’s dining room (we weren’t cool enough to have a basement) when I was around eleven. Was early picked as the forever DM, but was later relegated to player because we found out I wasn’t good at the dungeonmastering. Really, what eleven year old is?

Fast forward a bit, and mostly run games or trade off dming with one or two other people. Most of my groups are fortunate that we have multiple people capable of, and willing to, take the lead and run a story or even just a session from time to time. Until recently, had two separate bi-weekly games (each occured on the other’s ‘off’ week), and it allowed me and one of the other storytellers in the group both a chance to play and to have ample time to create. I mean, I still procrastinated, of course, but more on that later.

As with anyone during the time that I am writing this (this isn’t a Covid blog, but let’s be honest, the shit has messed with all of us), getting together in person with any of my groups has become a chore at best. Most of my gaming has turned to online via several different apps (none of which are paying me, so, not mentioned here).

Damn, I overuse parenthesis.

(Back on subject), I have become a firm believer that strictly online games can have their own benefits that local games do not, and an argument could be made for the boons of having sessions in person. That’s an article for another day.

Aside from Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve played several other types of tabletop/role playing games. With an open-minded enough group, you can really come up with a wide selection of games or game styles to test out; I will discuss most, if not all of them in future writings. I’m particularly looking forward to writing the Silver Age Sentinels one, as that may still be one of my favorite systems, with the appropriate modifications of course. For the most part, it’s my goal to stay away from being edition or game specific with my content. As for posted adventures and rulesets, obviously going to go against that, but I still intend to make the content varying enough to cover a variety of systems.

And of course, with tabletop gaming at the core of what I’m here to talk about, I am intending to include articles about various big box board games or even just some old classics. Right now the work-in-progress title of one is: “Alienating Everyone Who Used To Like You: An Expert’s Guide to Monopoly”. Bit lengthy, I know, but let’s be honest, if you’re gonna read it, chances are you don’t mind shit that takes a while.

So, that’s the basics. I’ll be back shortly with some interesting stuff.

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Author: Ron
An amateur writer and semi-professional, semi-forever DM (not that I've ever received money for it, I just do it a lot), I'm interested in combining the two hobbies for your reading pleasure here. Enjoy!

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