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So, like any tabletop player, I realize that I spend a lot of time talking about my own character creations.  It’s a thing.  For me anyways, part of the creative process has always been sharing my ideas with others and getting a feel for their reactions to the content I present to them.  Not saying every idea is a hundred percent gold…or even sixty percent for that matter, but at least I’m getting feedback before putting the math or the building to the idea. 

Clearly, that’s not saying I base my decision on who to play or not to play based on the opinions of others.  I suggest that you play what you want to play, and (as long as it doesn’t offend anyone) not be influenced on whether or not the concept works for anyone else.   This is your person that you’re putting hours of your life into.  I just like getting feedback, especially if the character is one that I’m going to attempt to put on paper and sell to the general public some day.

This segment is pretty much going to be just that, my talking for what seems like almost endlessly about characters I either have or have planned to play.  Some of these are even going to be NPCs that I have had throughout the years that have been interesting enough to mention.

First up on this, in the next post, will be Asher.  Just like Cher or Todd, he’s only got the one name.  He is a gnome bardbarian with a heart of…well, it’s mostly just a normal heart, but he’s at least not a complete dick.  Stay tuned!

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An amateur writer and semi-professional, semi-forever DM (not that I've ever received money for it, I just do it a lot), I'm interested in combining the two hobbies for your reading pleasure here. Enjoy!

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