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So over the numerous years and systems of being a dungeon/gamemaster or storyteller, there has been one thing that has held constant: the ability of players to absolutely mess up my plans.  At some points, it has almost felt like some supernatural gift that they possess that grants them this power; it’s as though I put a carrot in front of a horse, but instead it jumps into a trough full of acid to retrieve a ball of twine.  If that metaphor doesn’t make sense, then it was done correctly.  There is little rhyme or reason to the actions of PCs, but there are almost always amazing stories born of their…independence? 

I should absolutely point out here that I am not a fan of railroading, which will be covered more in depth later, and I feel like free will should be there for my PCs, to an extent at any rate.  This is more of a rant on when someone in the group makes an inarguably bad/low-wis decision and has the support of his/her comrades.  In one of the groups that I played with for the longest time, there was a running joke for this.  The answer that we used for whenever someone decided to do the lowest-wis thing they possibly could in an instance was, “I’m not saying it’s a bad idea.”  Example one of this includes people deciding the best way to cross a sixty foot wide river was via running across the ferry rope; my second example is a time when a PC had their character yell for the guards while standing over a monarch’s body, while they were in the beginning stages of being framed for murder.

But throughout all of these times, there have been times that stood out above the others as times where things went epically better than they could have.  Not that anyone in the group, if memory serves, actually made it across the ferry rope, but it was damned memorable watching the group go from “we need to get over there” to “Welp, let’s save Jim now before he drowns!”

Each of these instances I consider highlights, at least in the role of being a DM, because they are situations where 1) the PCs completely derailed what it was that I had planned for them and 2) it ended up being a remarkably memorable session that most everyone ended up loving.

That’s it for now…but coming up first: the one time the PCs actually dropped the loot.

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