Author: Ron

An amateur writer and semi-professional, semi-forever DM (not that I've ever received money for it, I just do it a lot), I'm interested in combining the two hobbies for your reading pleasure here. Enjoy!

DM Highlights

So over the numerous years and systems of being a dungeon/gamemaster or storyteller, there has been one thing that has held constant: the ability of players to absolutely mess up my plans.  At some points, it has almost felt like…

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Character Corner

So, like any tabletop player, I realize that I spend a lot of time talking about my own character creations.  It’s a thing.  For me anyways, part of the creative process has always been sharing my ideas with others and…

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Brief Introductory Statement of Briefness

Good Morning! (Or evening, or night, or solstice, or really whatever works for you) Welcome to Ready, Prep, Game! This is just a brief introduction to myself as a DM and tabletop gamer; basically, it’s just a way to familiarize…

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